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Dear Sirs, compliance instructions posted here, you will be happy for many years our furniture.

At the time of purchase our furniture, you should check that the product is compatible with orders, items or furniture and their packaging is not damaged, and whether the warranty sheet elements are designed to self-assembly have been attached to the product.

Furniture should be used according to their purpose and the attached instructions. The method of installation determines the added instruction.

Unpacking furniture should not take this sharp objects.
When you move the furniture should not keep them trim or poduhy because it can cause irreversible deformation.
Faldo and bending upholstery encountered during transport, usually disappear a few days after unpacking, but can accelerate this process by hand poduh formation.
Furniture with functional elements require alignment.
Furniture should be stored and used in appropriate circumstances. We can not allow them to dryness, avoid too soaking and freezing. They should be put in dry conditions, at a distance greater than 1 m from existing heat sources, should not they also put on the harmful effects of sunlight and indoors, which contains, humidity should not exceed 70%.
The surface of the furniture should be protected before soaking, the influence of alcohol and exposure to hot dishes.
To keep the product in perfect condition as recommended to maintain a constant temperature in the rooms which are furnished (19-23 C °).
On the upholstery when using in locations that have put the action of ultraviolet rays and intensive cleaning or maintenance, discoloration may appear that there is a natural process of loss of pigment.
Differences layers and shades of the wooden elements are not impaired quality. The surface of the furniture is delicate and should not expose it to uncharacteristic use, such as drawing. Also, inadequate conservation can lead to discolored or destroyed, and these defects are not subject to producer responsibility.
During the operation should not be allowed to single infringement soft elements of furniture. (Forbidden to jump on the seats, sit on the side pillars or pidholiv’yi).
Furniture should be used uniformly in the case of furniture with many seats should not be used just one seat, it prevents uneven wear on furniture.

Most frequently asked questions

Do differences in skin texture in new furniture have an impact on its durability?

Differences in texture is an inherent feature of the skin as a natural material, so does not affect its durability. Are guaranteed original material from which made furniture and additionally provide uniqueness and leather furniture enormously.

What to do when we want to buy more furniture set purchased before? Will they differ significantly from purchased before?

Leather, as a natural product, characterized by a differentiated structure. Dokupovuyuchy furniture to kit purchased earlier, we have to consider that it may be different fabric shade. Moreover, differences in shades of furniture happen even within the same package. To dokupleni your furniture is not much different from the rest, at the time of order asking for information, added to previously purchased kit.

What to do when the skin zabarvylasya of clothing?

Remember that this type of pollution should also be addressed immediately. Otherwise they may remain permanently. Delicate pollution can be cleaned by wiping them with a damp cloth. If the stains will not be able to bring (if older pollution) will need to replace the contaminated item in a new one.

How to withdraw from the skin marks from a ballpoint pen?

The output of these spots requires the use of specialized cleaning. They are available in stores where you can buy leather furniture. It should be remembered that before the first use should be a sample product in inconspicuous spot, because it is powerful chemicals.

What to do in case of small scratches fabric?

Small scratches can easily obscure the dye compatible with the color of furniture.

Where to get moving parts to furniture that have undergone the operation of destruction and how can they be replaced?

The replacement of our furniture can easily get in the cabin, where they bought furniture or warranty service of our factory. Replacement of destroyed elements should not cause you problems, otherwise our service is always help.

What to do when the operation of furniture to seat seams and there are clear discoloration?

Emerging within these places clear discoloration is natural and characteristic furniture fabrics – two-color that stained with two dyes. It is essential that this does not affect the stability and quality of our furniture.