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If you want to make your bed served long and lost its appearance, you should learn how to properly care for its upholstery.
To carry out care fabric sofa, you need to know how common rules for their service, and the rules relating to a particular type of tissue.

General rules of care for upholstery.
To preserve the appearance of furniture, drag any kind of tissue cleaned regularly advised her furniture upholstery brush with soft hair or with a vacuum cleaner, using a special mode for cleaning fabrics and furniture.
Remove spots and small Pollution best immediately following the advice on caring for a particular type of tissue. It is worth to consult on this in the cabin, where they bought furniture.
Wipe stains pollution should be on line from the edge to the center. Do not wash out contaminated area "sea" water, as the fabric can remain divorces.
Before you apply any cleaner, test it on inconspicuous area of ​​the fabric and let it dry completely.
Means, which displays the patches should not rub the fabric. If the removable covers on the sofa, you best use the services of dry cleaning.
If washing opportunity provided by the manufacturer, even in this case, do not use bleaching agents. You should know that as a rule, all fabrics used for sofas banners painfully react to function squeezing and drying in the open sun.

Care sofa with fabric from shynila.
Mainly for shynilovyh tissues recommend the use of dry cleaning. Cleaning enough exercise 1 weekly vacuuming with a soft brush.
Stains from tea, ketchup and chocolate should be removed detergents, based on water.
Stains on the serious - from lipstick, grease, ballpoint pen can be removed with the assistance of 6% solution of ammonia and water. But in any case, do not use detergents that contain strong chemicals and solvents based on petroleum. Also, do not scrub dried stains, not to corrupted texture couch.
Shynil which can be washed in the washing machine, wash mode to 40 ° C and rinsed in cold water. If there is lightning in the covers must close each to the material is not spoiled during washing. Daily streak should be short. Manual squeeze and use bleach can not.
Ironing is not required.

Care sofa with fabric from the flock.
Any contamination must remove the water.
Furniture flock do not like cleaning agents that contain alcohol because the alcohol tends to dissolve the glue that holds pile. Where crumpled pile, try wet-heat treatment, used for steam irons with the function of the distance from the surface must be at least 10 cm. Pile can be restored with a soft brush.

Sofas with fabric with Teflon.
To remove it you need to carefully rub the dirty areas with a damp cloth.
After wet wet spot cotton cloth, which absorbs water. Share Teflon does not tolerate bleach and solvents containing alcohol. When removing stains do not use the steam and rub dried stains and agglutinate pile.
You can restore dry hair, lifting it with a soft brush or sponge. Stubborn stains should be wiped with a sponge with detergent, which does not contain bleach, and then remove all traces of surface cotton cloth dampened with water.

Sofas dropped in leather.
Aggressive substances - varnish, Stain removers, furniture polish, chystyaschi solvents, ammonia, abrasive cleaners, or any other chemical solvents should not be used.
When the spots on the skin should be gently wipe it with a cotton piece. If the stain is not removed, try a cotton swab moistened wipe this dirt circular motion. If dirt is still not gone, though it happens rarely, try natural soap. Strike cotton wool in a mixture of water and soap. Then rub the stain in a circular motion wet and dry area myakonkoy dry cloth.
Try to avoid unnecessary friction. Road skin hold up to 30 cm from heat. Do not forget to regularly wipe the dust with a soft, damp cloth. For dry skin never use a hair dryer.

Sofas with fabric Velour.
To remove stains from suede, do not rub it hard, because you can accidentally pull out hair.

Sofas with jacquard cloth.
Lint-free cloth smooth jacquard forbidden to wash. With systematic care bed, drag this tissue can only advise dry cleaning using a brush or a vacuum cleaner, but without the use of water.

If you follow these tips, you will manage quite a long time without serious repair upholstery of the couch and keep its original appearance.