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Terms of Service

1. In our work VV FOP Shinkarenko (Hereinafter Seller) guided:

Civil Code of Ukraine;
Law of Ukraine "On electronic documents and electronic document" dated 22.05.2003 number 851-IV;
Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" from 12.05.1991 №1023-XII;
by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine "On Approval of Rules for the sale of goods to order and outside of commercial or office space" from 19.04.2007 №103;
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 15.06.06 number 833;
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 19.03.94 number 172.

2. The current proposal contains all the essential terms of the contract, and sent to a wide range of people, there is a public offer. According to Art. 638-640 Civil Code of Ukraine treaty is concluded after receipt by the person who sent the proposal to conclude a contract reply of acceptance of the offer, unless the parties have reached agreement on all essential terms of the contract. An individual who is willing and / or prepares orders for products on the site
www.viko-mebli.com.ua (the site) and has the necessary capacity to purchase (the buyer) has the right to conclude an agreement with the Seller only by acceding to the terms of this offer.

3. Orders issued by the Purchaser own site, call listed on the contact page, or any of the authorized outlets. After ordering seller contacts the buyer to specify ordering information.

4. To place an order buyer should indicate their name, surname, email address (if applicable), phone number, shipping address. Providing false information can be grounds for refusal to return the goods proper / improper quality and buyer paid money.

5. By entering personal data automatically buyer consents to the use, processing and storage of information provided by the Seller. Seller agrees to use the information solely to support the sales process, not to disclose information received from the Purchaser's information to third parties except for agents and third parties that are under contract with vendors and participate in the performance of the obligations of Seller to Buyer, except as provided legislation of Ukraine. Information about the customer is stored in the system from the registration or checkout before deleting the account and available for viewing by other users. The buyer has the right to change the information in your account at any time.

6. Information materials for the product presented on the Site, are for reference purposes and can not be seen as a guarantee of availability of the described properties and characteristics of the product. The source of information is material to the product manufacturer or authorized dealer of Goods. For specification information on a product buyer may contact customer support. For product information posted on third-party resources, the Seller is not responsible.

7. When ordering client provides information about the stages of order processing, as well as the expected delivery time to customers. Actual delivery time depends on the shipping method chosen by the client.

8. The buyer has the right to cancel the order arranged by calling Customer Service at one of the numbers listed on the contact page, and the included him advance is not refundable.

9. Seller reserves the right to install prepaid depending on the type of product and the chosen method of delivery.

10. The seller may cancel the order if the buyer has not made an advance payment laid within ten (10) business days. The seller may also cancel orders, delivery of which lays buyer for more than thirty days (or does not take themselves as SHIPMENT) without returning the amount the buyer submit an advance payment. In the event that the delay occurred through no fault of Buyer Delivery of Goods increased by the number of days of late payment, or, in case of failure of the Seller to deliver the goods ordered by their absence, including for reasons independent of the Seller, the Seller shall notify the Buyer by phone or e-mail address specified in the registration and all other possible ways and tells estimated delivery time of the Goods. When paying by bank transfer order to the bank account of the Seller, cashless payments using bank cards, payment through electronic systems, time of payment the buyer is the day of crediting the account of the seller. If you pay cash point of order payment the buyer is the day of the transfer of funds to the Seller / Seller's representative.

11. For convenience Buyer Seller also represents a number of additional services.

12. After receiving and payment product proper quality - possible return goods within 14 days from the date of sale.